Coastal Cleanse

Hand Sanitizer

The ethanol that is used in the production of our hand sanitizer is manufactured exclusively at our distillery and is a food-grade product. We do not purchase "Tech-Grade" Neutral Grain Spirit which could contain greater impurities and has more restrictive usage warnings as stipulated by Health Canada.

We sell our hand sanitizer directly from our distillery in North Vancouver and have a minimum order requirement of either two 500mL units of Coastal Cleanse Hand Sanitizer or our current promotion which includes one 750mL bottle of award winning Stealth Wheat Vodka and one 500mL unit of Coastal Cleanse Hand Sanitizer.


          - 2 x Coastal Cleanse Hand Sanitizer Spray Cap | $30 (tax inc.)

          - 1 x Coastal Cleanse Hand Sanitizer Spray Cap & 1 x Stealth Craft Vodka | $40 (tax inc.)

          - 1 x Stealth Craft Vodka | $27 (tax inc.)

          - 1 x case (6 x 750mL) Award Winning Stealth Vodka| $140 (tax inc.)



* For bulk pricing on orders above 20 units or for large format containers please send an inquiry email.

For information regarding availability or to place an order, please email with 

desired quantities. For orders of minimum 20 units we offer delivery in the Lower Mainland or can ship across Canada.

Stealth Distilleries 

#3 - 20 Orwell Street

North Vancouver, B.C.

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